Vixen Screen Grab
By: Charreah Jackson | Jun. 12, 2007


Looking for a little garb guidance?

Why not reference some of history’s most memorable style icons and blow the dust off of a handful of undying trends. Remember, recycling is a good thing.

The Crimson Pout Paint your lips the color of the sparks they’re infamous for starting — dress them lavishly in red. Vixens of all shades can turn the heat up. Just ask the icons with traffic stopping pouts: Tina Turner, Dorothy Dandridge

The Sexy Shoulder Lean A quick way to turn on the sex appeal and keep your classy-girl act in tact is to show a little shoulder. This summer, keep the girls under wraps and let your shoulders do the work the way these Vintage Vixens perfected: Leontyne Price, Diahann Carroll, Eartha Kitt

The Big Bang Earring Starlets have caused plenty of whiplash by strutting onto the scene with platinum and gold galore dangling from their lobes. Known for rocking everything from large, ornate hoops to massive amulets, less is certainly not more for some of our favorite veteran vixens: Aretha Franklin, Donna Summers

Head Gear Alicia Keys may have immortalized the half-cocked fedora trend but she wasn’t the first to keep it funky above the neck. Some of the most memorable women in history built their signature look by flaunting a creative crown: Billie Holiday, Zora Neal Hurston, Josephine Baker

Pretty in Platforms Sexy platforms do more than add a couple inches to your height. Shop for a pair that satisfies your personal style and you’ll strut with more sass in your swagger like: Pam Grier, Gladys Knight

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