Mr. Morris Chestnut in My Ear

If you ever find yourself about to interview Morris Chestnut. Do not. I repeat. DO NOT GOOGLE HIM. It seems innocent enough to want to make sure you have your facts straight. But what you may forget is that he had an 8-pack and is shritless in low slung sweats in a scene in Best Man Holiday. And that image will pop right up as you diligently try to be a professional.

And then he will be in your ear laughing at your lame jokes and you will be starring at his 8-pack in front of you. And then you would ask your questions and fight to ignore he really is smart, and thoughtful and charming. A lethal combination if you fell in love with Lance Sullivan over a decade before and realize that the man who plays him is even better. And then you might have to go tell a coworker that you’ve been charmed. And find yourself actually laying on her floor. Not that this happened to me. I just imagine this could happen.

So again. Say it with me. DON”T GOOGLE MORRIS CHESTNUT.

(But here’s the interview I did with him for

Single, Sexy . . .and Celibate?

Jordin Sparks. Tim Tebow. Lolo Jones. So is celibacy the new hot trend in dating? Not exactly. I explored the topic on Headline News.

I also have taken seasons of celibacy myself in the past and know a mancation or lady break can be a great experience to re-center with yourself.

Check out the clip: