Students Voice Election Views to CNN

Published: Thursday, October 23, 2003

Besides declaring candidacy for the Democratic Seat in the 2004 Presidential election, Joe Lieberman, Carol Moseley -Braun, Howard Dean, and Al Sharpton all have something in common. They all came to Howard’s campus to speak to students, and now news network CNN has done the same. CNN came to the university on Wednesday to find out what Howard students are talking about and what their views are on politics and presidential hopefuls.

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Howard University’s First Internet Radio Station: Glass House Radio

Published: Thursday, October 9, 2003

“We throw stones” is the theme of Glass House Radio, and the hosts have no problem telling others exactly how they feel on various issues.

“Glass House Radio was created to educate and infiltrate the minds of young people so they can spread their genius to the world,” said Howard graduate student Josh Peltier, a radio personlity known as Dynamite Soul Brother.

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Braun Comes to Howard; Declares bid for US Presidency

Carol Moseley Braun

Published: Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Howard students had the opportunity to witness Carol Moseley Braun officially declare her candidacy to be President of the United States early Monday morning.

Promptly at 9:00 a.m., Braun entered the Gallery Lounge at Blackburn Center smiling widely to the students in attendance and press representatives, including CNN, C-Span, and Fox News. Her son, Matthew Braun than introduced her to the waiting crowd.

“I feel great that she came here. It is wonderful that she choose an HBCU to announce her candidacy. It gives me pride as a black woman and Howard student,” Sarah Lake, sophomore journalism major, said.

Braun began her speech by thanking the community, the students, and all her supporters for their faith in her and for opening their minds for her to have the opportunity to run for President.

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