It’s the most wonderful time of the year and has a new survey on how singles on the site feel about the holidays.

  • Blue Christmas?: 76% of singles have broken up with someone over the holidays.
  • Unflattering Families: 30% of singles have broken up with someone because they were turned off by their family during the holidays
  • New Year, New Love: 64% of singles say their new year’s resolution will be related to finding love.
  • Santa’s List: This year, 82% of singles believed they were nice, while 17% claim they were naughty!
  • Holiday Honey: More men than women have dated someone during the holidays just to have someone to spend it with (14% males vs. 10% females).
  • (Holiday) Party of One: 80% of singles went to a holiday party solo and had a great time over bringing a date.
  • Gift FailNearly 75% of women have been disappointed with a gift from a significant other at least once (versus 47% of men).
  • Best Gift from Santa: Ambition—Both men and women want career-oriented significant others from Santa this year over a hipster, foodie or party person.
  • The Gift of Giving: Singles look forward to gift giving the most (45%), followed by attending holiday parties (31%).
  • Love Actually: 82% of singles say the holidays make them feel more romantic than other times of the year

I don’t feel so bad about not loving the Nikes my guy gave me our first Christmas, now knowing 75% of women have been underwhelmed by a gift. Now I love those shoes.

What do you think about these stats?

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