[CONVERSATION] Why Get Married?
Saturday, May 12, 2012, 7-10 PM (ET)
The Open Center, located at 22 East 30th Street New York, 10016
For tickets, visit http://bit.ly/JKyaAm
Facebook: facebook.com/togetherapart | Twitter: @aparttogether #whygetmarried

Come and join The Convo Starter @ChrisKaziRolle, Essence Magazine’s Charreah Jackson and a panel of experts for a talk-show styled, town hall meeting about the how to make a marriage work.

We will answer these questions:

— How do you get him to propose to you?

— How do you get her to wait until you are ready?

— What is the difference between a man and woman’s reasons for getting married?

— What does it take to be/become a good wife or husband?

— What are the top causes of divorce?

— What are the benefits of marriage?

— What are the key ingredients of a happy successful marriage?

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