Today marks 15 years since the death of the Notorious B.I.G.

And it was his 24 years of life that has my facebook and twitter feeds full of lyrics, video clips and favorite songs of the legendary rapper.

But no song prepared me to cover the junket for his biopic “Notorious” in 2009 where I met and interviewed the cast, and the film’s Executive Producer, his mother Voletta.

I could feel my heart beating in my hands when I walked in the room and sitting to the left was the star Jamal, and off to the side were Derek Luke, Anthony Mackie and Naturi Naughton. You could feel the spirit of Biggie in that room.

It was an amazing experience to talk to them all, from Derek saying how he spooked Diddy with some of the reenactments, to Voletta Wallace saying she wanted to talk to Lil Kim after seeing the movie, wanting to know if her son really treated the rapper that bad.

But the story that hit me the most was Antonique Smith speaking on her role as Big’s wife Faith Evans.

After sharing how the real Faith helped her with the role, and didn’t need Big’s money when they met since she had more than he did at the time, she said this:

“At the beginning of the movie they play an interview that was right before [Biggie’s] death, and they asked where he saw himself in ten years and he said with his wife. He wanted to be with his wife, Faith.”

It was true. We hear in his own words that being with his ex-wife (who he still called his wife) is the first thing he sees when he daydreams of a decade away. Profound.

Faith and Biggie’s relationship wasn’t perfect by any means. But through all the rumors of affairs and real life stories of Faith finding and fighting women in Biggie’s hotel rooms, they wanted to give it another try.

“She thought she and Biggie had more time to mature a little bit and get back together,” Antonique added. “That’s what makes it so devastating.”

Today, I am thankful for Biggie.

Happy he showed folks who will never watch Oprah or listen to Steve Harvey that there is nothing soft about finding someone you love and putting a ring on it.

And that wanting to share your life with someone special is rather human.

We love Biggie for realness. And what’s realer than a man in love?


*of course I had ‘One More Chance’ on repeat as I wrote this post. After 15 years this song still gets me . . .

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