Janet Hubert became the beloved aunt of a generation as Vivian Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in the early 90s. She’s back in the news this week for a possible reunion of the show’s cast. Of course when I caught up with the actress, author and dancer, I had to also ask about how friendship and a solid marriage of almost a decade enriched her life.

Her Secret to a Happy Relationship:
I married an angel, I really did. I married someone I can be myself with and wish every woman to have the love I have. My husband and I have had one fight in nine years. The secret to our happy relationship is neither one of us has to be right and there are no expectations. He isn’t sitting around waiting for me to cook. I’ve turned into a much more doting wife than I would ever be for anybody else because he has my front, my back, my side and my middle.

Her Dating Advice for Women:
My tip for other women is to look for a working man. If he’s good with his hands, he will know how to hold your heart and respect the ground and the stone you walk on.

Her Road to Riches:
Angela Basset is one of my dear, true friends. I can call her today and tell her I’m coming to L.A. and she will say, ‘girl, stay with me.’ We knew each other before fame. The sisters in this business know the deal. Jennifer Lewis was there during “The Fresh Prince.” I also have great friends who are not in the business and have been blessed with lifelong friends. Success isn’t about the money, but the people who you share your life with. People say I’m bitter, and I think get real. I’m rich in many ways.


What makes you feel rich?


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