A few seasons after skinny jeans hit the scene, I finally gave them a try. I tried on a pair of black skinny pants unsure how they would look on my curves. I quickly fell in love. Those pants saw me through good dates, bad news, late nights and girls night out. But this summer my go-to pants started to fray in the leg, in a battle with my body.

The outcome –  Thighs: 1. Fav pants: 0.

It was obvious the pants were done, but I didn’t want to let go and kept them in my closet anyway. I was not only frustrated at the lost but if I would be able to find another pair that fit me as well.

I didn’t think about the pants again until I walked into the dressing room at Levi’s in Union Square and there hanging were black, skinny jeans. My friend Truc had invited me to be a part of fun feature for the website StyleCaster and Levi’s new Curve ID. I tried on the Supreme jeans and they were a perfect fit! I had never mentioned my want for some new black jeans and there they were. Last week, I participated in a class where we talked about the ability to magnetize our desires to us. Those jeans instantly came to mind.

For the StyleCaster shoot, along with some cool Levi’s pieces I also felt pampered by the experts, including a fab makeup artist and Jordin Sparks’ hair stylist. I left with a great reminder of the importance of acknowledging the desires of our heart, and believing they will show up – sometimes in the most unexpected ways!

Here’s the complete feature with all photos>>