I have enjoyed writing for various outlets for the last ten years, starting with my high school newspaper “The Prowler” to now working for national magazines. Yet I have never seen “I” printed for the world, where I was subject and not just messenger.

So getting the opportunity to write about my business, Studio Social, and my relationships workshop for college students for Ebony magazine was exhilarating. I was too excited not to tell friends and family, but too nervous that something would happen to post on Twitter and Facebook.

The piece is now on stands with a lovely Zoe Saldana on the cover. I thought it fitting that Studio Social gets its debut with Saldana. As she steps out of her comfort zone to play a professional assassin in “Colombiana,” I am stepping out of mine to let go fear and embrace my dream.

Please do let me know what you think of the piece on page 95 and here’s to being courageous dreamers!

Here’s a sneak peek of the article>>