I am loving being a red carpet mentor with the WEEN Academy. The program is a 6-week crash course in entertainment for college students. My mentee is so very cool as a student at my alma mater Howard. Not only does she write for the school paper, but is a dynamite singer and featured on most of the hottest mix tapes on campus. As a part of the program I was featured on the organization’s website:

Charreah Jackson is definitely a Georgia Peach navigating her way around the Big Apple.  This sassy scribe has had her work featured in top publications like Essence, Vibe Magazine, Giant Magazine and Upscale Magazine just to name a few.  Charreah wants each WEEN Academy student to always celebrate their diverse beauty and talents so they never forget just how special they are!

What are two things someone did not tell you that you wish to tell your mentee about being a woman in the entertainment business?
#1 Mind your money and know your  worth!  In such a  competitive and creative field,  sometimes you feel the pressure to take what you can get when it comes to money. It’s important as young women to know the standard rate for any service you are providing and require it. Just because you are doing something you love and would do for free, does not mean you should.

#2 Remember what makes you special! Starting out we often feel the need to assimilate and blend in with the  people we are around and want to  be near. It ‘s important to gel with your work environment, but also bring that  something that makes you unique.  Especially as young women, let your youthful energy and insights into your demographic, be a perk and asset to your team.

What is the one thing that bothers you most in entertainment? What do you pose as a solution?
That we has black women don’t always know our power, and enforce it. Our support has made the difference in the lives of so many entertainers, yet many of these performers feel comfortable to say and do things completely inconsiderate and disrespectful of us. I was at the Essence Music Festival and in every one of Usher’s video vignettes it was him and a blonde white woman. Would Enrique Iglesia go to the Latina Music Festival and parade other women in a space to celebrate Latinas? I look forward to the day when race and color don’t matter. But when reputable publications post that black women are scientifically unattractive, we don’t need our own to reinforce that notion and have to call out those that do.

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