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Twas the night before the apocalypse, and all through my apartment, a creature was certainly stirring, and having a serious vent.

There I was on the eve of the world’s supposed end, having a dramatic (his words) argument with my boyfriend. I was disappointed he hadn’t made plans after volunteering to find us some Friday night fun.

But what should have been a little disappointment and moving on to salvage the night, turned into more. After an emotional day of a never-ending week, I released much of my stress on to him. I maximized his misses and overlooked the pluses.  What I got in return was a foot in my mouth as he shared I wasn’t the only one who had a bad day and my own reality check that it wasn’t anybody else’s job to make me happy.

I felt even worst as my roommate sent me a text to make sure I was OK as I lay in my room following our blowup. She was even one of the attendees of the “Love & the Urbanite” relationships workshop I had hosted that week, where I shared tips to build stronger relationships (smell the irony?). The same workshop he supported 110% helping me set up, clean up, and made sure I ate a hot meal afterwards. I knew better and had to do better.

So I took my own advice, what I should have done the moment I got home, shook off my worries and took advantage of the time and blessings I did have. I ordered take out, had a cool drink and invited him over. We enjoyed a Friday night inside. As we unwound, Anita Baker’s “I Apologize” came on, the perfect song for my feelings.

The next day he suggested a picnic in Central Park. We got caught up in our conversation and people-watching (we have a theory that people pick dogs that are just like them!), and looked at the time shortly after 6 pm. The world hadn’t ended as predicted.

But the truth is, any day could be the last for any of us. I got a reminder to stay in control of my own happiness, and live and love each day like it’s the last.

Have you ever done something (like gotten into an argument) and thought about how you would have done it differently had it really been your last day on earth? Did it change the outcome? Let me know in a comment below!

Charreah Jackson is writer, editor and certified family life educator based in New York City. She provides relationships workshop and communications curriculm through her company, Studio Social, and is one-half of one of Harlem’s funniest couples. Check out her website at Tweet her @charreah.

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