Heart & Soul, March 2011

Actor and businessman Brian White may star as the bad guy in the new play “What My Husband Doesn’t Know,” but the renaissance and family man is actually the type of guy fantasies are made of. In between stops for David Talbert’s latest hit, White shared how the play inspires him to keep his own marriage strong and why love has made him a better man.

Heart & Soul: Congrats on the new play, where you are the ultimate maintenance man to a lonely wife. As a newlywed, has the play taught you anything?
Brian White: I am a new husband and they’ve been married over 10 years in the play, so it’s more about appreciating and valuing what you have with your partner, and holding on. It’s definitely a cautionary tale for a newlywed like myself and to make sure I always hold on as tight as I am now.

H&S: You wrote about the power of soul mates that has made its way around the web. When did you know your wife was yours?
All great relationships are founded in friendship. We started off as friends, became best friends and built that foundation first. We didn’t rush anything. We were together six years before we got married.  We had to wait until it was right. I was raised by my mom to wait to find that woman I couldn’t live without. And when I found her I made sure she didn’t get away. I do my best to keep all the promises I made when we started this.

Does it feel different to be married?
It actually feels more comfortable. It feels like life just began. I never really envisioned getting married or put much thought into it. It was something that was going to happen when the time was right. Now that I am married, it’s like a whole paradigm shift. I have a true partner in life. I have never had another person, other than my parents, in my corner this way, and I think this is a whole new level.  I’d take a bullet for my wife. That is a new awakening on all levels. Literally, there is more of me now.

As a natural athlete, how do you stay active with such a busy schedule and traveling?
This morning I was up at 6:30 and at the gym for an hour and a half working out.  I also eat healthy. My wife and I were tweeting this morning and push each other. Left to my own devices I don’t work out so much. At home I follow her around. Right now we are in a five-day-a-week boot camp and Pilates regimen. We call it Operation Fitness. We also do a lot of healthy cooking at home and something we enjoy together. We started doing that we were dating and it really evolved into a healthy lifestyle.  When we got our dog we started being outdoors more, hitting the parks, the mountains and beaches together. It helps build the friendship and also helps elevate our health and fitness.

Valentine’s Day is here. So what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for your wife?
Our engagement was pretty romantic. I didn’t tell her what we were doing and just told her to pack for warm weather. We flew over to St. Thomas and rode a limo to the Obama suite at the [Ritz-Carlton]. We then rode a helicopter to a private island where it was just us and the staff on a beach villa. We had a private lobster dinner on the ocean. Caribbean water, tiki torches, music and us. That was the engagement weekend. . . Or, maybe the year before when we did New Year’s in Paris. I like to spoil my wife. My father always spoils my stepmother and I always said when I find that one, I am going to do the same. I feel really blessed to be able to do that.

You are going to have women asking if you have a brother . . .
I don’t but I tweet out my best man all the time. Women say there are no good brothers. I beg to differ, and I can point you in the direction of about 10 right now.

What My Husband Doesn’t Know is on a 30-city national tour that will run through May. For tickets and tour dates visit davidetalbert.com.

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