Bride: Latoya Scott, 28

Groom: Andre Brown, 35

Occupations: Scott, model agent; Brown, model

Homebase: New York City

Wedding Date: May 24, 2009

Wedding Location: New York City

A Fashionable Life: Behind the glitz and glamour of the fashion world are real people looking for real love. At least that was the case for veteran model Andre Brown, when he spotted Latoya Scott outside his agency in New York. “l was inspired to say something to understand why I felt such a strong pull to her,” he says. “It’s totally out of my character to approach strange women on the street. I’m glad I rolled with it.” But Latoya wasn’t as optimistic about love at the time, being at the end of rocky short marriage. Months after her marriage ended, Latoya attended a big fight party Andre hosted. The two became friends and began dating each other exclusively a year later.

Quiet As It’s Kept: Although Latoya only works with female models in a different department, it was still taboo for a model and agent to date, so the two kept their growing relationship private. Dating Andre also helped Latoya on her job. “It’s opened me up to be a better agent to models and understand where they come from,” she says.

Fly High: Last spring, Latoya was surprised when she and Andre were arguing a lot, since they rarely do. To make amends for the fights, which he started on purpose, he took her on a helicopter ride. Over Central Park, he dropped to one knee and proposed. “We both were grinning and crying,” she says. Thinking they were meeting one of his friends in town, she was even more surprised with the engagement party that followed with their family and friends.

Second Time Around: Andre also had been married before, and the two bonded over the knowledge of knowing how tough marriage can be. “We both said, if we were to ever get married again, it would be with someone who had been married, and knows what it takes,” she says. “Andre brings out the best in me and makes it easy. He is a beautiful soul.”

New York Night:
Of course the wedding of two fashion insiders was overflowing with style. All of the guests were asked to wear black, along with the bridal party. Latoya glowed in a white dress at the wedding, followed by a hot pink number for┬áthe reception. Andre’s minister mother married them and pronounced them husband and wife. “It was a beautiful day,” Andre says. “Watching my gorgeous wife walk down the aisle, my mom marrying us, the sunset and seeing everyone that we love and the same place was amazing.”

Bridal Budget Bite: Latoya had the big fantasy wedding the first go round, and remembered being hungry at the end of the night, so she wanted something fun and chic to celebrate this time. Andre didn’t see the need for a big wedding, so the two compromised with a budget of $20,000–which included their 12-day honeymoon in Thailand. “I pulled every relationship and creative idea I had,” Latoya says. “I made my own