christieNBA baller Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, have made a name for themselves in sports, and have a show, book and film to show for it
(Posted July 17, 2007)

No one said living in Holy Matrimony would be easy. In fact, Doug and Jackie Christie work overtime to maintain their marital bliss. So much so that the National Basketball Association (NBA) community as well as the media have gawked and poked fun at their unconventional methods of keeping their love solid as a rock. If that means that Jackie must attend all of his away games, infiltrate the court swinging a purse prepared for battle or check some flirtatious reporter for ogling her man, so be it. Besides, the Christies’ lives have made for some darn good “dramality” television for BET J’s Committed: The Christies; great memoirs for their new relationship tome No Ordinary Love; and interesting fodder for their recent straight-to-DVD production, The Christie’s Uncut. kicked it with the couple to learn about their secrets to love and happiness, the consequences of creeping, and why Jackie’s nobody’s hen and Doug certainly isn’t pecked. Congrats on your second season of Committed: The Christies. In retrospect, is there any part of your lives that you regret sharing with the public?
Jackie Christie:
The only part I regret is my excessive profanity during the airport incident. They were extremely rude and wouldn’t allow Doug’s friend to accompany us. Everything else? I’m glad they put it out there so people can see we’re normal folks. Honey, is there anything?
Doug Christie: No, I don’t regret anything. I told her, whatever you see, that’s us. The cussing? Maybe, a little bit. But that’s what happens when things get hot sometimes. Your DVD, The Christies Uncut, addresses the rumors that Jackie controls the relationship. When the film opens you give Doug a makeshift version of his, um, God-given endowment. Were you capitalizing on the perception that you emasculate your man?
We purposely spoofed ourselves to find the humor in all the negative press we’ve received. We wanted the media to see how silly their comments and speculations about us are. So, Doug once Jackie returned your `equipment’ you went a little caveman by demanding that she serve you while you prepared for a night out with the boys. Would you say you are a better man with or without your cajones?

DC: (Laugh) We heard all the silly rumors and comments that I needed to grow some or get them back from my wife who had them stashed in her pocket. So we decided to poke fun by spoofing those rumors. Therefore, I would definitiely say I am certainly a better man without them if having them would make me act that way. When you appeared on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Gumbel was pretty critical of Jackie. As a result, you both responded with a spoof of him implying that he was a sell-out by featuring a white powdered-face Black man whom you hit with your purse before Doug joins in on the beat down. Why?
JC: Because before the show’s taping, I said to the producers of Real Sports that ‘Too many times people interview us and twist the story so if this is a smear campaign, you can pack up your stuff.’ When the interview aired, it really hurt because Bryant Gumbel had never met or spoken to us before our sit-down with him yet he made me out to be some kind of lunatic. To hear him say, ‘Doesn’t she have a life?’ and ‘What is wrong with her?’, honestly hurt my feelings. So I wanted to do a skit that wasn’t necessarily evil, but that would allow Bryant to see how hurtful his comments were and perhaps, at the same time, have him find some humor in it. Now, beating him with my purse? Well, that’s what I wish I’d done. Doug how did you feel hearing him say those things about your wife?
It bothered me a great deal because it really hurt my wife and I don’t take lightly to anything or anyone hurting her. I was very disapointed in his comments about her getting a life. Um, excuse me? She’s a wife, mother and businesswoman—that is her life. And might I add, she’s good at it too. Have either of you seen him since the taping or attempted to speak to him about it?
No I’ve never seen him and would love to have a sit-down lunch with him or receive an apology because that was the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said about me.
DC: No I haven’t, but would love to ask him why he said what he did. Unfortunately, folks have that perception of Jackie as the dominator. She was even photographed escorting you by a leash. So who’s really running things?
Although it might not appear that way to most people, Doug is running the show. I’m definitely a strong African-American woman and my husband is a strong African-American man, but I always go to him for any and everything. We totally respect each other.
DC: Some people don’t understand that whatever you need to do to make your marriage work, you need to do. For the past 12 years, you’ve renewed your wedding vows annually. Is that really necessary?
Yes, it’s a family tradition. It’s Doug and me committing to each other, our family and our marriage. The first year, we got married quickly. The following year we decided to have another wedding so more of our family and friends could participate. It’s just something we love to do. That’s a beautiful thing. In your relationship book, No Ordinary Love, Doug shares how a female reporter flirted with him. There have been reports that you screen your husband’s interviewers, particularly of the fairer sex. Is that true?
: First off, I don’t know one woman who would want their mate flirting with someone or have someone coming on to their mate. As far as females not being able to interview Doug, that’s all bogus. Females interview him all the time—with me present and absent. Besides, Doug handles his own. When I accompanied him to interviews many people were doing things they shouldn’t have done. So my husband stepped up and let them know he wasn’t interested. Because I’m outspoken the assumption was ‘Oh, she’s behind it all.’

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